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Polar Bears International is the only non-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to the conservation of polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

Eisbären Eisbären

Their mission: to ensure the survival of polar bears and their habitat in the Arctic.

Big, brilliant, and built for cold, polar bears are the very symbol of a wild Arctic. Yet despite their size and strength, they need our help to survive the coming decades. As a science-based organization with staff including renowned polar bear and climate scientists, Polar Bears International focuses on addressing both the long- and short-term threats to the bears, with the goal of sustaining a future for polar bears across the Arctic. They are now trying to understand the current needs of polar bears and the solutions to the challenges they face as our climate continues to warm.

Their spirit of collaboration has allowed them to work with partners across a vast landscape. Together, they are trying to understand the current needs of polar bears and the solutions to the challenges they face as our climate continues to warm. With research projects underway on three continents, their team works with government researchers, wildlife management agencies, universities, and communities to provide data that can help guide management decisions, safeguard people, protect denning moms and cubs, and add to our understanding of the polar bears' needs and vulnerabilities. They are also involved with boots-on-the-ground efforts to support human-polar bear coexistence, working to keep both from harm.

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polar bear-lady VICKY with her cub

Our polar bear-lady VICKY with her cub

Our heart's desire

For over 50 years, the iconic polar bear has been an essential on our packaging, symbolizing what VICKS cough drops stand for: Cooling Moments.

Together with Polar Bears International, we want to protect the natural habitat of polar bears and enable their long-term survival on our planet.

That's why we're committed to protecting polar bears.

Polar Bären

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Interesting facts about polar bears


Polar bears are marine mammals and the largest bears in the world.


Polar bears have black skin and transparent, hollow hairs.


Polar bears depend on sea ice for survival.

Polarbear Ice

Why don't polar bears eat penguins? Because polar bears live in the Arctic andpenguins live in the Antarctic.

Polarbear Strand

On all four legs, a polar bear can grow 1.5 meters tall, and even up to 3 meters whenstanding! That's as high as a regular basketball hoop.


Polar bears have paws the size of dinner plates.


A newborn polar bear is almost as big as a stick of butter-0.5-1 kilogram and about 30centimeters long.

Polarbear Babys

How you can help?
Visit polarbearsinternational.org – get informed and donate.

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