More than 90 years of cough drop expertise

VICKS cough drops - more than 90 years of cough drop expertise. Created by the maker of the famous VICKS VapoRup, Lunsford Richardson. VICKS cough drops are the first major product to join VapoRub in the VICKS family in 1931.
They were an immediate hit, selling more than 25 million packages in the first year.

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Introduction of VICKS cough drops to the US market.


Three new delicious varieties were born: Eucalyptus and Cherry followed by Lemon which is today still one of the most loved VICKS flavours.


In Germany a large production facility was built for VICKS cough drops. From there they are shipped across Europe, where the good quality of the „Made in Germany“ VICKS cough drops is respected and appreciated.


In the seventies comes the birth of a classic: VICKS Blue wins the hearts of many VICKS fans and helps them to enjoy a deep breath.


Since the end of the 80s the popular VICKS cough drops are available sugar free and thus became friendly to teeth.


In November 2015, Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG acquires the unlimited license to market and sell Vicks cough drops in Europe.


Now VICKS VapoDrops® are available in the UK market.


Expansion of the "Katjes Glass Candy Factory" due to the takeover of the production of VICKS cough drops


VICKS coughdrops are also available in Portugal!


Our polar bear conquers Europe